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Game Reviewers Wanted

While everyone's waiting for Star Empires to come back online, I thought it might be fun to add some other content to the site, starting with some game reviews.  I posted the first one today (for a card game called Space Station Assault) and I'm going to continue my theme of space combat games as I get time.  If anyone else would like to review some games, please contact me and I'll set you up.  

Development Update

I'm going to try to make weekly entries here to let everyone follow the progress of the game development.  It'll also give me impetus to get stuff done each week so I have something to write about. :)

Retro Space Combat

If waiting for one space combat game (this one) to come back to life is not enough, check out the efforts to relaunch Lensman, based on Doc Smith's books and originally published in 1969. 

Star Empires rules online

The new rule set for Star Empires is online at  

New site components

I've added a few new components to the site as I get more familiar with Drupal:


So, I've decided to use Drupal as the content management system here at It's a pretty robust package that's easily extensible via modules, either existing ones that have already been contributed to the Drupal site or custom ones that plug-in via a series of pre-defined hooks. I've spent the past month picking from among the many available modules to add some convenience functions and niceties to the site, and also learning how to write my own. This will allow me to provide some new features on the site, like game reviews and game news.

Star Empires reboot

Hey gang,

I'm finally getting around to restarting the Star Empires site. Things are very much under construction, and no games are yet ready to play, but I'll notify everyone when they're ready to go.

If you're a player from the previous site, I still have your user info and will upload it into the database as the site moves forward. If you're a new player, please feel free to register now.

Stand by!

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