Great Game

Great Game John, I hope to soon be playing SE. Keep up the work and lets get a game running soon!

Wha' happ'n?

Wha? This is new. How long was the old site down? I haven't heard anything from this site in ages, decided to drop in. Guess the timing was right. ^_^

Looking forward to the new game.

You're the Man

Thanks John, I've been waiting for some SE, even though I wouldn't know how to win a game with detailed instructions.

*Looks Around, Blinking*

Hey... I remember you guys.
You're the guys that are always killing me.

Seriously, good to see the site back up and thanks John for your passion and fortitude.


Jim Caunp


Hey John, thanks for taking the time and effort to get the game back up and running. I look forward to playing with everyone again.

If you need any help with anything, please let me know.



Dude, I almost had you!

It's back! *Cheers*

We're on the way back to new games!

Thanks John for all of the hard work you've done. I look forward to the day when I might actually win a game without one of my opponents giving up...

Hi John - I'm delighted

Hi John - I'm delighted you're spooling this back up! Let me know if I can pitch in at all!



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Thanks! It's a labor of love, and progress is slow most times, but I'm trying to keep forward momentum. I'll let everyone know when there's something more to see.

Hey John, Glad to see those

Hey John,
Glad to see those plans moving forward.  Sorry I dropped to the way side, life got rather busy in a hurry.  Let me know if you need anything, I'm looking forward to seeing this game rolling (flying?) again.


Jas Kenzal Hunter S

Good to see the site back up!

Good to see the site back up! I look forward to losing with new rules!

It's back! Woot! 8)

It's back! Woot! 8)