Device ideas

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This version of Star Empires supports a new feature called devices, which are special one-shot ships that cause certain effects in the game.  Since this is kind of an open-ended concept, I thought I'd start a separate forum thread for people to suggest ideas for new devices.

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Missile Decoy

Another device suggestion:

missile decoy: device is unloaded and activated prior to combat phase; attracts enemy missiles targeting the unloading ship at some low probability (10%?) per decoy per missile, potentially sparing main ship from their strikes; decoy disappears after combat phase if not already destroyed;

A single decoy would not likely do much good, but multiple decoys deployed simultaneously could sop up considerable damage, and could be most interesting introducing an element of chance into attacks on starbases, which involve missile-heavy attackers versus a ship with a lot of racks.

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Re: Missile Decoy

Bob, I had this on my original list of devices -- I called it the "missile whistle" -- but I dropped it just to keep the original list of devices small. I think it would definitely be a great add.

Subspace Relay

I like the subspace relay idea Bob put forward:

    "subspace relay" - can be launched once from a rack to position; allows communications with empires with ships within a certain range of the device without previous scan contact; possibly permanant unless destroyed; in combination with wormnet travel, could make galaxy-wide diplomacy a factor much earlier in the game than previously

but with a few twists.

-The relay has unlimited range, but reveals position.
-To communicate with it directly (to reply) you must be within scan range.
-To change the message you must be in the same sector.
-Can be flagged as anon.
-Is the only way to send anon messages.

Mass Drivers

Orbital ship which can fire pods of raw resources. Can be used as a weapon or a way to move resources.


I love to read David Weber. And in his (by far) largest book series, he uses and idea called pods.

Pods are basically a ship with nothing but missles that is launched by the ship and towed with tractor beams. These pods can fire massive salvoes of missles.

Lets postulate and chage SE a little.

Make missle designs include # of salvoes

Most missles would have 4-8 salvoes and this missle would take 1 rack. Each time you issue a fire command to that missle in that rack it expends one slavoe. once all salvoes are gone the rack is empty. Only one salvoe per rack may be fired each turn.

Pods on the other hand take 2-3 rack space but fire all salvoes in one rack space a turn.

Pods would be built also. so a 4 rack pod would take 4 rack space aboard ship and would contain 4 missles.

Add also a new feature called Cargo Holds

Cargo holds are large spaces for storing supplies. A single space of cargo hold can hold 4 rack spaces worth of items. HOWEVER: to move anything into the hold it must first be loaded into a rack then unloaded into the hold and vice versa. this would allow for missle ships having extended staying power and make them much more versatile. Also allows for efficient military resupply ships. (support the fleet!!!)