Session variant ideas

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Part of the fun of Star Empires are the unique and interesting variant sessions we've played in the past.  In the past, we've done interesting things like:

  • "cluster"-style sessions, where the winner must occupy at least one world in each planetary cluster to win.
  • "berserker"-style sessions, where the players must cooperate against a common enemy.
  • "crystal"-style sessions, where the players must discover and/or use special objects in the galaxy.

Anyway, if you've got an interesting idea for a session variant, post it here, and someone may run it someday.

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Kingmaker variant

Here's a variant idea based on the Kingmaker board game. Each empire starts with a fixed number of relatively large ships that have a medium number of guns and a large number of DP. Thus, players must join forces in order to destroy another player's ship(s). Additionally, every turn barbarian empires spring up randomly and attack controlled worlds, forcing the owner to divert one of their few big-gun ships to deal with them (which forces the player to choose if they want to join in an attack against another player's big ships or go deal with the attacking barbarians).

Ships are not built in a normal fashion. Instead every three (or whatever) turns a galactic parliament is held, where new ships are automatically created and players vote on who should receive the ships. The number of new ships up for vote is equal to one less than the number of players. Each player has a number of votes at parliament equal to the total RU production they control.

Finally, there are several special smaller ships that represent control of the galactic throne. If any one player can acquire enough of these smaller ships, they win the game.

Specialist Variant

Each empire is given a special set of build rules. One empire might have more efficient battleships while others might have better fighters. All other rules apply or this could also be combined with other variant rules.

Stargate Varient

One that I wanted to run with under the old system was to have all wormholes based on planets, but not all planets may have wormholes...


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Planetary wormholes

Probably no planets and wormholes in the same sector this go-round, Krikket, but it is a good idea for a future modification.


Capture the Flag

Concept: Every player has a diplomat ship they must protect. Other players must capture the diplomat ship and hold it prisoner. Give points for holding enemy diplomat ship. Give points for diplomat ship visiting friendly worlds.


-Diplomat ships are neutral which spawns in random space/unclaimed worlds.
-Alliances must be made via diplomat ships
-Players must smuggle diplomat ships into hostile worlds for points

Escort missions

Concept: Team A must get a diplomat ship from point A to point B. All other teams try and capture said diplomat ship and bring it to their home base.


-Multiple points
-Multiple escort ships