Development Update

I'm going to try to make weekly entries here to let everyone follow the progress of the game development.  It'll also give me impetus to get stuff done each week so I have something to write about. :)
The database design is mostly complete at this point, so we have a place to store each sessions data turn by turn.  I'm trying to follow a fairly strict model-view-controller paradigm here, and the database is the model in that picture. I've started coding the turn updater (the controller in MVC), but it's only a few Java classes at this point, so nothing to show off.
Long time SE veteran Casey Dement (username cadement) has graciously volunteered to tackle the challenge of creating the user interface, something sorely lacking in previous versions of the game.  You can see some of his prototype efforts here.  No guarantees about the state of that link, since it's a work in progress, but for now you can zoom in/out, pan around, and click on icons in the radial menu that pops up for each sector.  I have a design document for the user interface that I'll post here soon so that folks can comment and make suggestions.
That's all for this week.