New client prototype

Hi all,
I wanted to personally encourage anyone who is curious to play with the current UI prototype and provide feedback.  We're pretty early in the development process - so it's still really easy to make large changes.  If there's something you like, let me know!  If there's something you don't like, then REALLY REALLY let me know (and the sooner the better).
You can see the current prototype at <a href=""></a>
At this point I'm putting up incremental builds every few days.  We're still fleshing out the basic map behavior, but once that is done the next step will be to start integrating with server functionality and at that point it's going to get much more difficult to change course.
Feel free to post your thoughts in this thread or message me directly.  Thanks all!
Oh - one small tidbit - I work on a Mac so I haven't debugged with IE yet and I understand there's a HTML layout bug that makes the map not visible there.  I'll fix that soon but until then if you see that please use Firefox, Safari, or Chrome - no such bug there.

Dude the protype is amazing.

Dude the protype is amazing. I love it. Can I ask where you sourced the math for this from? Just anything that can point me in the basic direction as to how to make a hex grid.

Great work!

An overall view would be nice...

Right now the system runs a little slow on my older Linux computer.

What I miss is when looking at the map having a colored dot to indicate that something is within that space for me to look at. Otherwise, I have to move my mouse over every hex, wait a moment, and then see if something is there, and try to keep the overall pattern in my head while checking all of the other spaces to see if anything exists.


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Overall view

I think you've hit on something here, Krikket. Having the map show "interesting" sectors is definitely valuable. What constitutes an interesting sector? Presumably it's the presence of foreign ships in the same sector as your ships, and also the presence of an RU stockpile that you'll need to deal with. Anything else come to mind?

I'd like to combine this with the idea of flagging map sectors with a "go/no-go" indicator that shows whether or not you've submitted orders for that sector. That way you don't forget to submit orders for one sector among many.

Re: Overall view

For me, anything that's not empty space should have some sort of indicator. Everything doesn't need its own unique indicator, but a few of the more important ones: any "new" map feature (moved wormhole, new storm, discovered planet), ships, sectors where combat occured last turn, interdicted planets, planets with space stations, and stockpiled resources come to mind.

For the stockpiled resources, if you can't find a way to display both the RU value of a planet and it's current stockpile, a toggle to switch between the two would be nice.

Maybe we could have a "mouse over all" button that would enlarge every sector that is not empty space?

I really like the orders flag idea. Maybe later on down the road we could even have a logistical view that includes things like previous turn's ship movements & next turn's submitted movements as red and green arrows, among other things. Maybe a view for RU shipments.

The ability to rotate the map.

Doesn't have to change your cord system, just something so I don't have to print out the map to spin it.

Wheel mouse zooming

Makes life much more enjoyable. <3

Side pane

I'd like the side pane to always be there as opposed to popping up when you click on something. Maybe have an option to hide it if we want, but by default to be open.

It'd be even better if the side pane were part of the flash... but maybe I'm a step ahead of you here ^_^