Going Rogue

Here's an idea that might spice up alliances a bit. A "Rogue" ship is one who has destroyed any certifications and passcodes that proves it is part of a given empire. It turns off it's transponder and it's scan data is not shown to allies. The ship is capiable of interdicting a planet, but unable to conquer/control a planet for it's empire. The ship counts as forgien guns even against it's own empire.
If rogue forces control a planet it can use resources to repair but not to build new ships. Aditional resources do not stock pile. Stockpiled resources must be used before "mined" resources. The planet remains under control of rogue forces as per normal rules.
Any empire can fire at rogue ships w/o penality and regardless of alliances. Ships may go rogue at any time, though they should prob not do it inside of another empire's scan range. Ships may not declare aligence for an empire without recieving clearance codes from a ship (or planet, or starbase depending on how restrictive you want to be).
All communication sent from a pirate ship is considered anon.