Development Update

GUI prototype Sep 30, 2008

Casey's been doing further work on the GUI prototype, as you can see in this snapshot.  The portals and connection lines are new.  Head on over to his demo site anytime to play with the prototype.
Most of my time behind the scenes has been shaking out some details with the updater and how to store all the necessary entities in the database.  There are more moving parts with this version of Star Empires than the previous version -- things like drifting objects on the map, alliances, and hull types -- and it's important to keep them all straight from turn to turn.  The actual updater itself is pretty straightforward.  For each phase of the turn it simply looks at the current state of the galaxy, figures out what changed based on everyone's orders, and then updates the galactic state.  At the end of the turn it all gets dumped back to the database.
This version of SE will be completely open source, so you'll be able to run your own SE server if you want/dare.  To facilitate this, there's a Google Code project that you can peruse.  There's not much checked in now, but expect to see some updates in the coming weeks.   This will also be the location we'll store various scripts and files put together by other players, as they arise.

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