Two Fun Flash Games

Here are a couple of Star-Empires-like games to keep you busy while things are still churning here.  While I tend to favor turn-based games over real-time games, I've found both of these to be addictive.

Star Baron is a real-time expand-and-conquer game.  Build up your star systems' economies to produce ships and attack your enemies' worlds.  Worlds can be assigned to produce attack, defense, or economic units.  You must decide which worlds to conquer before your enemy's ships arrive to do the same thing.
Nanowar is an even simpler version of the same idea.  Your worlds simply produce identical attack ships at a standard rate, and you must use them to defeat your enemies.  

bad link

Star Baron link is broken.  Or maybe it was a limited time offer?  You didn't say, "Hurry, you have less than four years to check this out!"  Anyway, I found Star Baron on Kongregate.  So just in case anyone is even slower than me...