can we contribute to program development? and how do you join a game?

gidday all,
love the rules!


*drops rock down well to wake up the balrog*

The Volrathii Have Arrived

Johnny!!  We need our SE fix!!  I'm considering writing to your Congressman to see if there's anything he can do to force a new game.  Legislation?  Congressional Censure?  Constitutional Ammendment??
You can't expect me to keep playing Solitaire forever, can you??

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Are you crazy?

Given the earlier and recent history of health care reform legislation, the last thing we should do is try to get Congress involved in SE.  I want to play again sometime before I die.

Well....maybe Congress isn't

Well....maybe Congress isn't the way to go.  You do have a valid point.  Perhaps we should consider a kidnapping, then?

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At some point, yes.  The user interface is the only outstanding part.  I've sadly fallen behind in keeping everyone updated about the progress on the site, but I hope to get back on track with everything soon, at which point, I hope to share the work load.
Thanks for poking around and staying interested.

no worries

i've subscribed to this thread..
update it when youve cleared things and can bring on extra hands..
or when opening resume in the game.