Not Dead Yet

Would you believe I'm still working on it?
So the past 18 months have been kind of busy for me, and suffice to say that I wasn't getting much work done on Star Empires.  But things have stabilized a bit and I'm ready to get back into coding up the game.  I won't make any predictions or promises about when you'll be able to play a game -- it'll be ready when it's ready.  But I'm actively working on it now, and 2010 is looking promising. :)
So what's the status of everything? The rules have undergone a few minor simplifications, and are now available as one single page of text instead of that goofy multi-page book that I originally had.  Discussions and questions are welcome in the forum.  The big task remaining is the user interface.  The main requirement of this version of SE is that players must be able to submit turn orders solely via a user interface -- no more typing up long text files.  Browser technology has come long way since the first version of this site, and there are several tools that I can use to build a browser-based interface for order submission. 
Several people have asked what they can do to help.  Until things are ready for playtesting, I'm looking for folks who are interested in doing PHP/Javascript development using Drupal and JQuery.  (As always, payment will be in the form of a beer next time I see you.)  If you're interested in doing some CSS theming of the rules page, or even for the whole site, that's welcome, too.  Drop me a note using the Contact link above.
Thanks for everyone's patience!

Good to hear from you...

John, it's great to see some of the progress you've made.  The maps look great, for instance.  While I may be no great hand at PHP/Javascript, I would love the opportunity to provide some review feedback on the Rules or Interfaces when you reach that point.
- Pete

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Good to hear from you!

Best of luck pulling together the project. It's been a while, and I miss all my old SE buddies...
Happy New Year!

That's what Willis was talkin' 'bout!!!

Good to hear the gears are starting to grind again, John!!!  I'll start brushing up on my galaxy-conquering skills again...