Here's a some progress on the user interface.  If you right-click on the two visible sectors, you can invoke some of the working orders dialogs: Build Ships, Create Designs, etc. jQuery has saved me a ton of time putting these together, but the code needs a bit of polish.  (Anyone out there an expert on namespaces and jQuery?)  Anyway, here's what's left to do:

  • Manage RUs dialog (for transporting RUs between worlds)
  • Share Scan Data dialog
  • Ship Actions dialog (for (un)loading, moving, and attacking ships)
  • Sending orders back to the server
  • Global menu for declaring alliances, sending/receiving messages, setting map options, etc.

Yes, there are font and other formatting problems, and it's all something faster than glacial progress, but it's getting there.  I'm doing my best to actually be able to play a game in 2010!

Sounds like the best

Sounds like the best Christmas present EVER!!!

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Interesting, John.

No joy seeing it with IE6, but Firefox 3.6.8 shows the graphics, mouseovers, and right-click options very nicely. Nice interface!
Looking forward to seeing this live some time soon...
Hoping all is well with you and your family -

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I'll do some more formal testing of which browsers are supported once it's closer to being done, but you can give up on IE6 right now.  That thing is dain bramaged beyond repair.  


Hey John! Nice update! =)
Hope you can get it up to Shawn of the Dead speed... (or else commision for global warming! =D  )
I can't wait to see another game run!