The Game Map

Your empire's map is a representation of the galactic sectors that your empire can currently or has ever scanned. All explored sectors are included in your map, whether they are visible (currently occupied by one of your ships or worlds), scanned (within scan range of, but not visible to, any of your ships), or stale (once scanned or visible, but not currently so). A sector for which you have no information other than its coordinates has unknown status.
The sectors on your map are labels using the oblique coordinate system, wherein each ector is identified by a pair of numbers written as (oblique, y). The oblique coordinate identifies a sector's position diagonally "northwest" or "southeast" of the origin, while a sector's y coordinate identifies its position "north" or "south" of the origin. In a typical Star Empires session your empire's homeworld is at the center of your map, sector (0,0). It's up to you to figure out where your empire is relative to the others. Each galactic empire defines its own coordinate system, so "north" to your empire, may be "southwest" to another.
Your empire's map contains a variety of information about your empire:

  • A news section summarizing the latest developments since the last turn was updated.
  • A set of buildable ship designs possessed by your empire.
  • A list of ships that you own.
  • A list of all known worlds and who owns them.
  • A list of foreign empires with whom you can communicate. This list can change during the turn if someone sends a message to you.
  • Detailed information about each galactic sector known to your empire:
    • Visible sectors are those which contain your ships and worlds. You will receive detailed SRS information for these sectors, including world production, RU stockpiles, ownership, and blockade/interdiction status; wormnet portal, nebulae, and ion storm details; and foreign ship information, including ship class, damage status, owner, and recent actions.
    • Scanned sectors are non-visible sectors that are within the scan range of your ships. You will receive LRS information for these sectors, which includes less-detailed information about world production, RU stockpile, and ownership; wormnet portal, nebulae, and ion storm information; and the total number and tonnage of unidentified foreign ships.
    • Stale sectors are those which were once scanned or visible, but are not currently so. You will receive only limited (and likely out-of-date) LRS informaton about these sectors.
    • Unknown sectors are those which have never been seen or scanned by your empire. As you might expect, you will receive no information at all about these sectors, although you may learn information about unknown sectors by communicating with other empires.