An orbital is a large, immobile ship, typically with heavy DP, a fair number of guns, scanners, or racks, and no engines at all.  Orbitals are used for defending owned worlds and confer some special benefits to friendly ships at those worlds.  

  • You can repair damage to orbitals for a cost of 3 DP for 1 RU during the Repair phase (instead of the usual 2 DP for 1 RU cost).
  • Orbitals fully repair for free any friendly or allied ships that are loaded or boarded during the Repair phase.

A starbase is a special type of orbital that each empire possesses at its homeworld at the start of the game.  In addition to the standard orbital benefits, starbases provide these additional benefits:

  • A starbase prevents all devices from functioning within the same sector.
  • A starbase negates all ion storm damage to all ships, friendly or not, in its sector.
  • A starbase cannot be self-destructed, nor can it be destroyed by self-destructing cargo aboard it.
  • A world in the same sector as a friendly or allied starbase cannot be interdicted or blockaded.

Basic configuration:

  • Guns: 30 (starbase 150)
  • DP: 40 (starbase 200)
  • Engines: 0 (maximum 0)
  • Scan: 1 (starbase 2)
  • Racks: 2 (starbase 10)
  • Tonnage: 20 (starbase 999)
  • Cost: 25 (starbase n/a)

Additional component cost:

  • Guns: exp(guns/10)
  • DP: exp(DP/15)
  • Engines: n/a
  • Scan: exp(scan/2)
  • Racks: exp(racks/3)

Additional component tonnage:

  • Guns: exp(guns/10)
  • DP: exp(DP/20)
  • Engines: n/a
  • Scan: exp(scan/5)
  • Racks: exp(racks/2)