Star Empires Rules

Version 5.0 alpha.  This rule set is still in development.
Welcome to Star Empires. In this game each player controls a collection of worlds and ships spread across the galaxy -- a star empire. These worlds produce resource units, or RUs, which are spent on building and repairing starships, which in turn are used to blow the snot out of other players' starships in the course of taking over more worlds. The object of the game is to take over at least half the RU production in the galaxy. The only problem is that all the other empires out there want the same thing as you.

Star Empires is played in a series of turns. At the start of each turn, your game map will show the current state of the galaxy. You have until the next turn's deadline to negotiate and scheme with other empires and issue a set of orders for your ships and worlds. When the turn deadline arrives, all empires' orders are processed in a series of phases and updates are made to all empires' maps accordingly. Turns continue until one empire (or allied empires) meet specific victory conditions and the game master (GM) declares a winner.